Midwife Your Soul's Desire

What we offer


Tools you will develop

 Self-compassion, non-judgment, awareness, mindfulness, acceptance, respect, emotional mastery.


What you will gain

 You will experience greater peace, contentment, gratitude , meaning, and purpose.


Relationship to self, other and spirit

 Relationships are essential for our well-being.  In relationship to self and others we need to be kind.  We also need and deserve kindness from others.  As you evolve you will attract others similar to yourself  with whom you will travel. 

Who I am


dava money, M.Ed.


dava money, M.Ed. is a holistic coach, spiritual leader of Unity Longmont Spiritual Center, author of The Authenticity Series©, an ordained mindfulness practitioner and artist. She has been working in the transformative and healing arts since 1987.



Join me in Authenticity Series courses, workshops, retreats and individual coaching sessions.