Authenticity Series
Practice consciously in community through the treasured format of courses developed for the modern mystic.  Take what serves you and leave the rest.




Authenticity Series courses:  the first 10 courses are 6 weeks in length, the 11th course is 10 weeks in length to review the earlier courses. Each class is 90 minutes in length.

  1. Foundations of Authenticity:  Relationship to Self, Others and Spirit
            Recommended Reading: Reaching Out, Henri Nowen
            Journey: From performance to authenticity

    2.   Authentic Compassion 

            Tara Brach article (Awakening from Trance) 
             Journey: From apathy to pathos

  1. Authentic Abundance
             Recommended Reading: Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, Deepak Chopra
Journey: From scarcity to fulfillment  
  1. Authentic Archetypes 
             Sacred Contracts, Carolyn Myss
             From outsider to villager  
  1. Authentic Callings
             Authentic Callings, Gregg Levoy
              From lost to found  
  1. Authentic Surrender
               Illusions:  The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, Richard Bach
               From resistance to flow  
  1. Authentic Companioning
              Ask and It Is Given, Esther and Jerry Hicks
               From hunger to nourishment  
  1. Ego in Service of Authenticity
             A New Earth:  Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, Eckhart Tolle
              From wrestling to dancing  
  1. Authentic Intimacy
             If the Buddha Married, Charlotte Kasl
             From masking to revelation in relationship  
  1. Transition, Transformation and Transcendence
             eat, pray, love, Elizabeth Gilbert
             From “what’s next?” to “what is…”  
  1. Integrating Authenticity

            Presence Process, Michael Brown
            From practice to Practice

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