2018 special:  7 Holistic Coaching session by phone for $630.


RE-Right Your Story

When: Saturday, February 10, 2018
10 am to 4 pm
Where: The Meditation Place, 324 Main St., Longmont, CO (alley entrance from Kimbark)
Why: Our world views, including how we see ourselves in the world are formed early. We see what we believe and reinforce patterns that continue to attract only experiences that support those world views. It is important to periodically examine our beliefs, perceptions and actions; how we co-create our reality.
What: Explore your inner life through writing, meditating and discussing the findings. Support and be supported.
Cost: $60
Who: dava money, M.Ed., Spiritual Leader of Unity Longmont Spiritual Center, Holistic Coach, author and trainer of the Authenticity Series© (Midwife Your Soul’s Desire).
Dannah Edwards, Ph.D., writing teacher, author and co-facilitator of Lotus Blossom Sangha.
Brown bag lunch. We intend to stay together during the lunch time to continue getting to know each other and deepen experience. Water and tea available.
No experience necessary! Willingness to cultivate compassion for self is required. Transformation may occur. Gratitude, even joy might be experienced.
Register: davamoney@gmail.com, 720-438-8777, davamoney.org
Paypal, cash or check accepted.
RSVP by : February 4, 2018 (space limited) SAVE THE DATE 2/10/18 Includes a one hour session of crystal bowls with Christina Hildebrandt at 1 pm.
dava money, M.Ed., is the spiritual leader of Unity Longmont Spiritual Center, Author of the Authenticity Series, a Mindfulness Practitioner, Shaman, Holistic Coach, and Artist who provides Sunday services for Unity, individual coaching, classes, workshops, retreats, commitment ceremonies, marital ceremonies, baptisms and home/office clearings.

Contact dava at 720-428-8777 or davamoney@gmail.com

Integrate mind/body/spirit
11 Courses in the Authenticity Series help us to be present to our moments, without judgment so that we can gracefully experience Spirit moving through us, embodying us.

Truly we know that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

And we are grateful for all that is.

Authenticity Intimacy 6 week Course 

Course beginning Thursday, January 18 from 10:30 am to noon.  Place:  The Meditation Place, 324 Main St. (Kimbark alley entrance), Longmont, CO
Cost:  $120 for 6 week course. Workbook provided. 
Prerequisite: Foundations of Authenticity course or permission of instructor. 
 Trainer:  dava money, M.Ed., author Authenticity Series.
Cultivating intimacy with self, others and Spirit.

I enjoyed this because ...I realize that obstacles—though always there—can be conquered without total turmoil and pain.  RS


email davamoney@gmail.com may pay via check or Pay Pal Payment
Authenticity Oracle Cards
Designed to help you develop your intuition.  Sale $20
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